Picnic day at Sajla Waterfall | Offbeat Destination Near Manali

In the past 2 years, it was one of the rare times when we slept at 1:15 AM IST on Saturday. However, the body clock was set to wake up at 6:30 AM, and there was a slight discomfort in our body due to insufficient sleep. Both of us had completed the routine morning tasks. I have prepared vegetable pulao and my partner packed it in a steel box.

At 11:00 AM we reached the Aleo bus stop, the sun was shining bright and there were fewer cars on the road. Both of us enjoy walking instead of waiting for a bus but this day we decided to wait. 30 minutes later, the bus had arrived and it took another 20 minutes to reach Sajla village.

Sajla village is located around 10 km from the Manali bus stand. A short hike of 15-20 minutes will leave you at a beautiful hidden waterfall which is also a picnic spot for locals. The water from this waterfall is used by locals for cooking and drinking as well so make sure you don’t pollute it. Many waterfalls and lakes in this region are considered as holy so refrain from hurting the emotions of the locals. Rather pack some of your favorite food and do a little picnic.

A cute door to a beautiful house.
Hiking to Sajla waterfall.
A local selling chaat on the trail
Little waterstream everywhere
Picture a perfect wooden bridge near the waterfall
Vegetable Pulao
And pear for lunch
Sajla waterfall
Stalls are set up by villagers.

There were hardly 20-25 people around the waterfall. We could hear chirping birds, the water flowing downhill, and the cold breeze flowing through trees. It was a peaceful and rejuvenating weekend.

How to reach Sajla waterfall?

You can rent a bike from Manali or Naggar and reach Sajla. You can also take a HRTC bus going towards Naggar. It will not take more than 30 minutes to reach Sajla village. From this village, hike for 15-20 minutes to reach the waterfall.

You can either do a picnic or eat at stalls installed by locals near the waterfall.

Have you done a picnic in the Himalayas?

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