Pile of Corpses – Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is one of the highest passes in Himachal Pradesh situated at a distance of 51 km from Manali(3,980 m/13,058 ft from sea level). The word Rohtang means a pile of corpses (pile of dead bodies) because a number of people have lost their lives while crossing the pass. It is also a tourist attraction in Manali and thousands of people visit it. We had planned it as a day trip with family.

A day before this trip, we booked our tickets for an electric bus at INR 600/-(round trip) from the Manali bus stand. Four to five electric buses at regular intervals are deployed for tourists during peak season time by the government.

For breakfast, we had soaked chana and homemade mango shake at around 8:00 AM, then walked for 30 minutes to reach the Manali bus stand and boarded the bus at 9:30 AM.

It reminds me of Valley of flowers.
How many flowers are too many flowers?

What to pack for Rohtang Pass?

A woolen scarf/ shawl, shoes, and down jacket for Rohtang Pass
  • Pack some healthy snacks and carry your own water bottles.
  • Woolens – Due to high altitude and unpredictable weather in mountains, the temperature can drop drastically. One should pay attention when they are traveling with kids.
    • Woolen cap
    • Down jacket
    • Woolen gloves
    • Comfortable shoes
    • A woolen scarf (to protect face/ nose from chilling winds)
  • Camera – To capture a lot of moments. (optional)
  • Important medicines for mountain sickness.
Turn anywhere and get gorgeous views

Bus Route – Manali – Gulaba – Rohtang – Khoksar – Manali

  • The bus starts from Manali bus stand at 9:00 AM.
  • It stops for breakfast/ lunch at 11:00 AM for 30 minutes.
  • At Rohtang pass viewpoint for 2 hours, there are 3-4 viewpoints.
  • Atal Tunnel for 20-30 minutes.
  • Solang Valley for 30 minutes or more, depending on the interest of the travelers.
  • Drop point – Manali bus stand.

The bus journey was quite comfortable and scenic. No regrets!

Dramatic clouds playing with mountains

The snow almost disappeared to let the baby flowers sprout during mid-June. We had taken a short hike to touch snow.

Buddhist Stupa at Rohtang Pass
Ranjan is loving this place!

Some other information and tips for Rohtang Pass

Some empty alcohol bottles in the mountains, one must avoid consuming alcohol at high altitudes.
  • Get a Rohtang pass permit online using the given link for your personal vehicle. You don’t need a permit when you are traveling in a shared taxi or a bus.
  • There are small stalls that sell roasted corns, maggi, tea, coffee, etc. on either side of the road. You can also pack some home-cooked food and enjoy a picnic. Make sure to leave the place clean.
  • Avoid alcohol at high altitudes.
  • Try to make it a better place for others by not littering. If you are going for a short hike then collect the polythenes/thrash in a bag, bring it back, and help to clean the Himalayas.
  • The pass is open from May to September, the peak tourist season for Manali is May and June so expect thousands of tourists around you.
  • Don’t visit Rohtang pass to see snow. Sometimes, the snow might melt till mid-June and it can add to the disappointment. Instead, visit Rohtang to experience an epic drive on the high pass and spectacular scenery.
  • You can also enjoy activities such as paragliding, hiking, sledge rides, yak ride, ATV ride, tyre dropping, and more.
  • Avoid driving and get a shared taxi or a bus if you don’t have the skills to drive on high mountain passes.
  • Don’t play loud music in mountains, it’s not a place to do a party but soak in the beauty of Rohtang with a sip of tea or coffee.
Papa and Ranjan hiking downhill

Due to very heavy traffic, it took almost 4 hours to reach Manali from Atal Tunnel which usually takes an hour. We were disappointed and very tired due to prolonged sitting at the same spot in the bus. Besides this, the overall experience was amazing!

Have you been to Rohtang or any other high passes in India, let me know in the comments.

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