Early Morning Ride To Sinhagad Fort

I was eagerly waiting for this day, the last day of the semester !! I was balancing my exam preparations, office work, and three hrs office travel every day. I wanted to take a break from everything so I decided to go somewhere near Katraj early morning. My three friends joined me for an early morning ride to Sinhagad. We started at 4:30 am and reached Sinhagad fort within an hour.

This fort holds a special corner in every Punekar’s heart due to the great battle of Sinhagad fort fought between Tanaji Malushree and Udhayban Rathore. During this battle, Tanaji lost his life but his brother took over and captured the Kondana fort. Shivaji Maharaj famously said “gad alaa pan sinha gelaa” which translates to “the fort is captured but the lion (Tanaji Malusare) has died.” This fort was renamed Sinhagad which became the top military outpost during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj.

We reached the top just before sunrise and spent almost 2 hrs sun-gazing and freezing these moments.

Sleepy city 🙂
Just before Sunrise
Companion ❤
Wait for Sunrise 🙂
It just happened ❤
Playing around it
Freezing moments
People just started hiking 😉

Things to do at Sinhagad fort?

  • One could go for Katraj to Sinhagad night/day trek organized by various trekking groups.
  • Go for cycling.
  • Get close to nature 🙂 Panoramic view of the landscape and clouds drifting over the mountains
  • One could enjoy authentic Marathi food, mouth-watering tangy, peppery delicacies served by villagers in small shacks. This includes fruits like Indian gooseberry, raw mangoes, guavas, berries, etc. seasoned with chili powder and salt. Along the way down, we had amla and berries.
  • If your sole purpose is to peek into the history of the Maratha Empire then you might get disappointed.

How to reach Sinhagad fort?

Pune is well connected with major cities via airlines, trains, and buses. One could catch any local bus for Sinhagad fort depending on the area. Generally, people prefer private vehicles, parking is available on the first floor of the fort.

I started from Katraj at 4:30 am and came back at 10: 00 am 🙂

Best weather to visit

SummerEarly morning

Overall Expenses per person

1Mango, Cucumber, berries, etc.30
2Petrol, toll charges50

Thanks for reading 🙂

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