24 hours in Pink City of India – Jaipur

On a Sunday of a long weekend, while going back home, I booked a flight for Jaipur and my partner joined me from Kota. Dressing up in a cotton Indian suit at the airport with a backpack was an unusual combination but I had no other option. Pune airport was less crowded, rain showers outside and the city was no less than a hill station. It was magical!

Rajasthan is quite close to my heart and so is the capital city of this beautiful state. It has mountains, lakes, age-old forts, colors, a rich culture, a variety of food, and more. It is also a perfect place to explore with the family.

Upon landing at Jaipur airport, I booked a cab for Patrika Gate located nearly 2.5 Km from the airport. This place recently got a lot of attraction from tourists, locals, and photographers.

Our One Day Itinerary for Jaipur

1. Patrika Gate

Spend 20-30 minutes admiring and ogling the artwork at the Patrika Gate. It is usually crowded on weekends and public holidays. It is open 24*7 but the best time to visit is when Sun is up and there is decent light inside the gate.

Patrika Gate
The gorgeous, Patrika Gate

  • No entry fee.
  • Located at Jawahar circle.
  • Also a pre-wedding shoot spot.
  • Add an hour or two to get the perfect Instagram-worthy picture.
  • Book a cab and head to Galta Ji, aka the Monkey Temple to see a series of natural pools amidst mountains, a short hike in the Aravalli mountain range, and a holy dip in the sacred Kund.

2. Galta Ji, The Monkey Temple of Jaipur

An ancient Hindu temple located at a distance of 10 Km from Jaipur city with a few natural pools amidst the Aravalli mountains.

A natural pool at Galta Ji
Playful monkeys at the entrance of Galta Ji
Locals enjoy the natural pool
  • Visit during monsoon or winters – lush green mountains and kunds filled with water.
  • No entry fee.
  • Safe to visit during daylight.
  • It is a beautiful site but the waste is not managed properly. One can contribute a little by bringing back their waste to respective hotels and leaving no footprints.

3. Chokhi Dhani – A special village

  • Get an insight into Rajasthani culture and tradition within a few hours at Chokhi Dhani. The entry fee varies from INR 800/- to INR 1200/- per person depending on the tourist season. This fee includes dinner and other free activities – Mehndi, magic shows, pottery experience, etc.
At the entrance of Chokhi Dhani
Bajra roti and chutney anyone?
Exploring the village with my partner
Puppet show at Chokhi Dhani
Artificial lake at Chokhi Dhani
  • Try to reach before 4:00 PM, take tickets and take a stroll in the village during daylight.
  • Dance to the Rajasthani folk music, get amazed by magic tricks, and eat some snacks.
  • There are 4 to 5 places to enjoy food – buffet, the traditional way with Bajot at two to three settings. Our favorite is Ghoomar Jeeman.
  • Eat dinner early to avoid long queues at the dining place.
  • Wear comfortable footwear as you will walk for hours exploring the village and dancing.
Eating an early dinner at Ghoomar Jeeman, Chokhi Dhani
A plate made up of dried leaves and everything in this plate is my favorite

Some Tips and Information

  • The temperature is high during the daytime except in winters, keep yourself hydrated and prefer loose cotton clothes over skin-fitted jeans, etc. Don’t forget caps/ scarf etc.
  • The peak season to visit Rajasthan- is November to March.
  • An auto driver can smell a tourist from miles away so bargain till a fair point and follow the same tip while shopping.

Where to stay in Jaipur?

The capital city of Rajasthan has hundreds of hotels to choose from. Here are my favorites.

We had visited Jaipur during a long weekend and most of the hotels were packed up with tourists. Luckily, we got a room at Vimal Heritage near Railway station.

The haveli-like corridor at Vimal Heritage
A lazy morning at Vimal Heritage.

Did you find it helpful, let me know in the comments?

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